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Jelly Telly and Upward Partnership

New online children’s network, JellyTelly, launched by VeggieTales creator Phil Vischer, has recently partnered with sports ministry Upward Unlimited, an international non-profit organization that gives churches opportunities to provide sports ministry leagues to children. The goal of the partnership is to encourage participation in Upward with fun, fast-paced messages about Christian values and character from JellyTelly.

In the new partnership, each child who enrolls in Upward receives a special code to unlock a learning video with a sport specific scripture at This innovative concept was part of the official launch of the company’s new website which took place in June 2009.

Unlike traditional sports programs, Upward’s structure was created to allow children to participate in practices and games without league standings. In the Upward program, sportsmanship, kindness and character are valued and promoted as winning qualities. The videos, which have been created by VeggieTales creator Phil Vischer’s JellyFish Labs, are specifically produced for Upward to echo each of these values.”Upward already has a wonderful ministry to a huge audience of kids,” says Phil Vischer. “It’s a privilege for us to help them reach a new generation of web-savvy kids in a way that can build their spiritual, moral AND physical health.”

To date, the campaign has been widely successful, designed to serve over 500,000 children with messages of God’s unconditional love and endless encouragement. Currently, JellyTelly plans on creating approximately 80 exclusive videos over the course of one year to fulfill its commitment to the partnership.

“We have been so pleased with the partnership with Phil Vischer and JellyTelly. Through the course of the next twelve months, over half a million children and their parents will be impacted by the clever and humorous approach to teaching sports and reinforcing the messages from Upward coaches,” says Caz McCazlin, President of Upward Unlimited. “In this day and age, the ability to consistently impact and influence children where they are is a rare talent. We see the JellyTelly partnership as a way to successfully use the internet to reach these children.”

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