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Poo-Pourri Jr Gets the Stink Out

We all know not everything that comes out of our babies is not always as sweet as them, introducing Poo-Pourri Jr, a diaper spray made of all-natural anti-bacterial essential oils such as bergamot, lemongrass and grapefruit that eliminates the source of odor causing bacteria. Poo-Pourri Jr uses a secret formula that safely and effectively traps and diffuses odors in cloth and plastic diapers, leaving your home fresh and clean.

Simply spray Poo-Pourri Jr on dirty diapers before disposal and there will be no reminder that your little angel was once a stinker. This convenient spray is perfect to take with you when visiting a friend, the secret formula contains a revolutionary odor counteractant to neutralize odors at the source and refresh air.
The all-natural essential oils in Poo-Pourri Jr trap odors and won’t leave any behind. There is also a neutralizer that attaches to harsh odors and dissolves them completely. So not only does Poo-Pourri Jr create a fresh scent and trap the odor, it also neutralizes any residual odor. Available in a 4 oz. bottle for $12.95 and an 8 oz. bottle for $19.95.

Each Poo-Pourri product includes a 30-day unconditional money-back guarantee. For more information, to find a retailer near you or to make an online purchase, please visit