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SpellQuizzer Software Review

SpellQuizzer is an easy to use software that helps your child learn their weekly spelling list without having to write them over and over again. Yes, I know writing them is a good way to learn spelling words and kids should spend some of their study time every week writing their words, but SpellQuizzer is another tool that families can use to aid in learning.

Each week you input that week’s spelling list and then your child can study his spelling words even when you aren’t available to dictate the words to them. We used it this week for our Bible class. My boys had to know the books of the Bible in order and be able to spell them correctly. I input they words, it just took a few minutes to set up, and then they used SpellQuizzer to practice the words. It worked great!

The SpellQuizzer website has some downloadable spelling lists that you can use over the summer for enrichment or homeschoolers could use them too. Since you create the spelling list in SpellQuizzer, it works with any spelling curriculum.

SpellQuizzer is very affordable at $29.95 and, since it is customizable it will last for years. If you’re still not sure if SpellQuizzer is for you check out their free 30 day trial. This is a great offer-you get to try it before your buy it. Go to the website, download your free trial and check it out.