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Plannning for Summer Fun

Summer is here. This means all of the kids are home and you are probably already hearing “I’m bored.”
I have found that, if I plan well then summer doesn’t have to be expensive or boring. By planning I don’t mean scheduling every minute of every day, that will drive you and your kids crazy, I do mean planning something everyday.

Sit down with your summer calendar and first write in any vacations you have planned, visitors coming into town, VBS’s & camps they are going to and other commitments you may have. Now see how much time you have left. Try and plan 1 activity a day, that is appropriate for your child’s age. It could be a craft, trip to the beach/pool, rent a movie, go bowling whatever. I try not to put too many events that cost money in one week.

Make good use of the free/low cost experiences your town, church and county offer. Does your library have special summer programs? We have 2 movie theatres that show free movies on Tuesdays all summer long-how great is that? Do you have a state/national park nearby? They offer amazing programs year round. You may have to spend some time researching what is available in your area but when your kids have activities to look forward to it makes those stay-at-home days much more manageable.