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At Home Fitness Tips from LA Boxing

For new mothers, there is no greater joy than welcoming home your newborn baby. Unfortunately for most new mothers, there is also no greater disappointment than realizing you no longer fit into your favorite pair of jeans. For those looking to slim down, boxing is a fun and effective way to help new moms get rid of their post pregnancy weight. Boxing workouts are notable favorites among celebrities such as Victoria’s Secret models Adriana Lima (who just announced her pregnancy!) and Marisa Miller, The Office funny girl Jenna Fisher and hunks Matthew McConaughey and Mark Walberg.

Below is a simple at-home workout that will help quickly shed pounds in the comfort of your living room, courtesy of the fitness gurus at LA Boxing (, the nation’s leading boxing, kickboxing and MMA organization.

o Partake in 3 minute rounds concentrating on the below breakdown with 30 seconds break in between rounds:

1. Shadow box for the first minute: Keep hands always up (do all combinations with hooks, uppercuts, and straight punches)

2. Power punches second minute (punching hard every punch)

3. Shadow box the third minute

o Do as many rounds as you can. I would start out with five to six rounds.  When you get in better shape add one knee after every combination using the opposite side knee of your last punch.  Then if you are in really good shape you can add 10 squat jumps (jumping as high as you can in the air, then squatting as low as you can) during your break time.

Leading the fitness industry with their token LA Boxing workout, classes are guaranteed to burn up to 800-1000 calories/hour.