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SpellQuizzer Software Review

SpellQuizzer is an easy to use software that helps your child learn their weekly spelling list without having to write them over and over again. Yes, I know writing them is a good way to learn spelling words and kids should spend some of their study time every week writing their words, but SpellQuizzer is another tool that families can use to aid in learning.

Each week you input that week’s spelling list and then your child can study his spelling words even when you aren’t available to dictate the words to them. We used it this week for our Bible class. My boys had to know the books of the Bible in order and be able to spell them correctly. I input they words, it just took a few minutes to set up, and then they used SpellQuizzer to practice the words. It worked great!

The SpellQuizzer website has some downloadable spelling lists that you can use over the summer for enrichment or homeschoolers could use them too. Since you create the spelling list in SpellQuizzer, it works with any spelling curriculum.

SpellQuizzer is very affordable at $29.95 and, since it is customizable it will last for years. If you’re still not sure if SpellQuizzer is for you check out their free 30 day trial. This is a great offer-you get to try it before your buy it. Go to the website, download your free trial and check it out.

Kidzui-The Internet for Kids

KidZui, The Internet for Kids, is a revolutionary free browser and online service that lets kids ages 3-12 enjoy the power and promise of the Internet in a fun, safe and engaging way. KidZui features more than 1.8 million Web sites, videos and pictures categorized by topic and reviewed for age-appropriateness according to strict editorial guidelines. Built from the ground up for kids, KidZui encourages and rewards curiosity and learning, and keeps parents in touch with their kids’ online activities. KidZui is available at

Kidzui looks great! There is a large free portion and then there is a paid membership with additional benefits. My children are too old for this service but if your child is in the 3-12 year old age range I recommend you check this out. Below you will find a press release from Kidzui about research they have done into children’s use of the Internet and parent’s thoughts on the matter. Do you agree with the report’s findings? Leave me a comment and let me know.

96% of Parents Think Children Should Experience the Internet Early

San Diego, CA – March 27, 2009 – Research conducted by KidZui, The Internet for Kids (, reveals that safe, free exploring of the Internet increases curiosity in children. To celebrate its one-year anniversary, KidZui compiled statistics on how kids use its service and surveyed parents’ feedback about kids and the Internet. The results were illuminating. 86% of parents surveyed said that using the Internet increased their kids’ curiosity and desire to learn. KidZui user behavior supports parents’ impressions. The average 5 to 9-year-old child visits a staggering 135 different Web sites a month using KidZui, versus just three to five sites before using the service, when Web surfing was highly restricted by anxious parents.*

KidZui surveyed 1000 parents whose children use KidZui to gain insight into the impact of the Internet on their kids. User statistics and top search terms were drawn from the last 12 months of KidZui usage.

The KidZui Internet for Kids Parent Survey found:

· 79% of parents think the time their children spend on the Internet is valuable

· 86% of parents think that using KidZui to explore the Internet encourages their kids to learn and discover new things on their own

· 56% of parents said that using KidZui to explore the Internet has increased their kids’ curiosity about the subjects they learn in school

· 43% of parents said that using KidZui to explore the Internet has helped their children gain independence

· 71% of parents said that using KidZui to explore the Internet contributed positively to their children’s happiness

Parents have benefited beyond their children’s newfound Internet independence and curiosity. The survey also found that, despite the fact their kids now spend more time on the Internet, parents’ anxiety about their children’s Internet use dropped significantly when they used KidZui. Before using KidZui, only 17% of parents never worried about kids being online. By using KidZui, 70% of parents now never have anxiety about their kids’ being online.

In reviewing how kids have used KidZui, KidZui found that in February 2009:

· 5 to 9 year-old visited 135 sites and watched eight videos

· Kids used KidZui an average of 3.8 times a week, for 34 minutes each visit

· Kids spent an average of 8.61 hours a month on KidZui

In the year since launching:

· Kids have placed more than 4 million tags (a rating system) on content

· Kids have shared more than 1.5 million pieces of content

· Content on KidZui increased from 500,000 games, website, videos and pictures to more than 1.8 million

“It turns out that kids are even more curious than most adults; most parents don’t explore 135 different websites monthly,” said Cliff Boro, CEO of KidZui. “When you give kids a web browser designed just for them that provides access to a vast world of discovery – they demonstrate their appetite to learn and grow.”

To mark its one-year anniversary, KidZui is launching an updated version of the Internet for Kids that is extremely fast and now includes 1.8 million websites, games, pictures and videos, reviewed and categorized by KidZui’s editorial team.

KidZui also evaluated the most popular search terms and content channels for the past year, with interesting insights into what kids are curious about:

· The Amazing Animals and Science channel received more visits than Hannah Montana.

· Sites about the Olympic Games were viewed more than High School Musical.

· Information on Dinosaurs and Tornadoes was looked at more than Bratz dolls or the Jonas Brothers.

· Content related to “civil rights leaders” was visited 15,979 times, just 24 visits less than Taylor Swift.

· Kids were more interested in Astronomy than Transformers.

· Spelling sites were visited more than Spider-Man.

· Content about Barack Obama was more popular than Santa Claus.

Built for kids ages 3-12, KidZui makes surfing the Internet safe, fun and engaging. With KidZui, children can independently access more than 1.8 million websites, games, pictures and videos, reviewed and categorized by KidZui’s editorial team. KidZui’s parent and teacher tools give them complete control of their kids’ online experiences. Weekly emails give parents and teachers a summary of the sites their kids have visited.

*The KidZui focus group was conducted by Madeline Schroeder, a founder of Mighty Play and leading expert in children’s products and Internet properties. The focus group included both parents and children and focused on Internet safety and usage.


Free Spring Break Entertainment for Kids

Free Entertainment for Kids on Spring Break “Stay-cation” 
10 Web Sites to Keep Your Kids Entertained and Safe

In these tough times, a lot of families are opting for Spring Break “stay-cations” instead of big holiday trips. But if you’re staying home, it can be hard to keep the kids entertained and out of trouble. Many parents are naturally cautious about letting their kids loose on the Internet, but there is a lot of good, free, appropriate content available online – if you know where to look. Here’s a list of 10 web sites to bookmark that can help your kids beat Spring Break boredom if they’re staying home.

Best Set-and-Forget Web Environment for Kids

· KidZui – KidZui is actually not a Web site at all – it’s the Internet made just for kids. It gives kids access to millions of Web sites (including all of the below), YouTube videos, games and photos that have been vetted by a team of parents and teachers. Kids love the cute little avatars they can create and the safe social networking features, and parents love the fact that there’s no chance of enquiring minds stumbling across anything inappropriate.

Best Web Sites for Kids

· Club Penguin – A snow-covered virtual world where children play games and interact with friends in the guise of colorful penguin avatars.

· – Ideal for the Lego fan, your child can watch Lego comics and movies, play games and construct their own Web page to show off their creativity.

· – Your child can pledge to save the world, play games, check out the latest news on SpongeBob or create a virtual life on Nicktropolis.

· – With games themed around Sesame Street, Clifford, Curious George, Arthur, Barney and other kid classics, your kids will have fun “interacting” with their favorite characters.

· Poptropica – This virtual online world lets kids create a character, play games, compete with other kids and travel between islands on a blimp to explore new areas.

Best Online Game Sites for Kids

· Cartoon Network Games – With more than 200 games featuring favorite cartoon characters, your kids can hunt monsters with Scooby-Doo, play Ninja Survival or follow the Path of a Jedi.

· Funbrain – Part of the Family Education Network, the site provides educational activities for parents and teachers, as well as interactive games to help your kids with math and reading.

· Funschool – This site, provided by Kaboose, is designed for elementary-age kids and offers free educational games as well as printable activities, coloring sheets and craft projects that will help your kids learn while having fun.

· Hot Wheels Games – For car fans, Hot Wheels has dozens of vehicle-related games that let kids drive through mazes, race friends and solve puzzles.

KidZui’s Cliff Boro believes that parents needn’t be afraid of letting their kids use the Internet. “The Internet is a wonderful tool that, when used appropriately, provides endless hours of free entertainment for the whole family,” he says. “And more than that, it’s a great way for kids to learn and discover new things without even realizing it!” And what parent wouldn’t approve of that?

Mommy Babble’s Disclaimer & Additions

I have not tried all of the sites listed above. I am just passing this information. Parents should always check out websites before their children visit them. As for the sites listed above… I do know that only part of Club Penguin is free, and according to my 13 yr old-you have to pay for the fun stuff. This article omits our favorite free websites; and

Have a great spring break and please surf the net safely.