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Natural Parenting Information

I recently learned about a beautiful website dedicated to connecting mom, baby and the planet. The site is Mindful Mama, a free, cutting-edge content and social media site for natural parenting.  They connect parents, birth/early childhood professionals,
and healthy and sustainable businesses to create a better world for families worldwide.  They donate 2% of our profits to causes that support maternal and children’s health worldwide.
Yesterday, Mother’s Day, Mindful Mama for natural parenting, launched a video series and art/photo/essay contest that engages mothers across the country in a dialogue about childbirth and the transformation of new motherhood. In search of a deeper understanding of birth in the United States, Mindful Mama has spent the past two months interviewing these top experts and created a series of more than 50 short video clips. Mindful Mama invites mothers everywhere to watch these videos at and share their own personal wisdom and stories, answering the question, “How has becoming a parent transformed you?”
Contest Facts
Share: How has becoming a parent transformed you?
Deadline for contest submissions: August 10, 2009
How: Art, photo, essay, and discussion

Even if you don’t enter the contest, stop over at their website and see all that they have to offer.