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Go Back to School with Parent Corner

Empowering parents to support their student’s academic achievement, Discovery Education introduces Parent Corner, a free Web site filled with interactive digital content that engages learners of all ages. Situated at the intersection of home and school, Parent Corner is a trusted resource families can depend on to support teachers’ classroom lessons and aid with homework.

Among Parent Corner’s free resources is Motivation Station, which Discovery Education developed in partnership with Hallmark Cards. Providing creative and useful ideas for motivating students to academic excellence, Motivation Station offers tips and suggestions about fitting in at school, managing homework, dealing with sibling rivalry, and more.

A national survey sponsored by Hallmark Cards showed more than three-fourths of parents are looking for new ways to boost their children’s confidence during the back-to-school season. Hallmark Cards supports parents through both the Motivation Station and a line of products that help encourage student academic achievement in a genuine, authentic way.

In addition, frequent online polls ask caregivers questions about their child’s school environment to help determine the best support tools for students as provided by a variety of experts. Motivation Station also features a special tool where parents and others can design encouraging notes and cards to inspire their student’s academic growth.

Parent Corner’s robust Homework Help resources – including thousands of online videos, simulations, texts, and links – are useful study aids that engage students of all ages in learning. With digital content for all grades and across a ll disciplines, Homework Help supports academic achievement in the subjects students are currently studying in the classroom, including science, English, social studies, and mathematics.

WebMATH, another resource featured on Parent Corner, is the perfect solution for students and parents struggling with math homework. A digital tool that generates answers to specific math questions and problems, WebMATH answers are generated and displayed in real-time, demonstrating how the solution was reached, after a user types in their math problem and clicks “solve.”

“The most successful students I’ve ever met were the products of a solid partnership between their teachers and caregivers,” said Dale Fulton, Senior Vice President of Curriculum Development, Discovery Education, and a former associate superintendent in the Montgomery County, Md., public school system. “Parent Corner provides parents and others a powerful suite of free digital resources that can help bridge the g ap between home and school, and ensures that parents and other caregivers have the digital tools they need to help students continue to learn once they leave the classroom.”

Parent Corner also highlights hundreds of activities to keep students motivated and on track during school breaks. Visit Parent Corner today .