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Free 1 Week Meal Plan

How would you like to have 2 hours free to do whatever you want, not what everyone else wants this week?
It’s not easy. Moms are always working on something or busy taking care of someone else’s needs.
Take planning your family’s meals and grocery. Do you know how much time you spend on that?
My last count, about 2 hours. It would be so nice to outsource that, and I think I’ve found it.

I’m going to try a week’s free meal plan and grocery list from Dine Without Whine this week to see how it all goes.
They are giving a way the plan free here.
If you plan to join me, go ahead and click that link to grab
your free plan.

Get Cooking Review and Giveaway

Get Cooking is Sam Stern’s third cookbook. That fact may not excite you. What if I told you he was only 18 years old and that he wrote his first cookbook when he was 14! The concept behind Get Cooking is rather creative. Sam teamed up with seven of his friends. Has asked each of them for their favorite main ingredient and then he set out to create recipes for them. The book has eight sections-including one for Sam.

For the main ingredient tomatoes, some of the recipes are: Lovely Tomato and Garlic Soup, Chinese Ketchup Spareribs and Baked Egg-Stuffed Tomatoes.  For the main ingredient cheese, some of the recipes are: Fresh Cream Cheese, Brilliant White Pizza and Cheese and Potato Pizza.  For the pasta, some of the recipes are:Crunchy Garlic-Breadcrumb Linguine, Angel Hair Frittata, and Good Old Macaroni and Cheese.  For vegetables, some of the recipes are:Sweet Corn Fritters, Beans and Peas with Lemon Dressing and Edgy Cumin Cauliflower. For the main ingredient meat, some of the recipes are:Glazed Ham and Pease Pudding, Crunchy Chicken Strips, and Chicken in a Paper Bag. For potatoes, some of the recipes are:Neat Potato Pancakes, Old-School Cornish Pasties, and Luscious Shepherd’s Pie. For the main ingredient chocolate, some of the recipes are:Frozen Chocolate Banana Sticks, Hot Chocolate-Fudge Pudding, and Posh Chocolate Profiteroles. For the category sweet stuff recipes include: Lemon Dessert, Baked Apple Meringues and Strawberry Sorbet.

This book is written to teens. The goal is to encourage teens to Get Cookin’. The recipe directions are well written and easy to understand. I also love that this cookbook is filled with amazing photographs. The pictures aren’t just of the food either. Since this book was created by Stern for his friends; they are featured in the photos along with the food.

Get Cookin’ is set to be released on 5/12/09 according to Fear not! You can win it before you can buy it right here at Mommy Babble.
**Giveaway open to US residents only**

How to Enter:
For your first entry: Visit Sam’s website. Look around and find out something about Sam. In your comment tell me 1 thing that you learned about Sam. You must also follow or subscribe to this blog and leave a comment here telling me that you have done this Please leave a valid e-mail address or twitter name so that I can notify if you win. **You must do all of this to be entered.

If you would like extra entries you can earn them for doing any or all of the following:
*follow me on Twitter
* tweet this contest and post the url of the tweet as a separate comment (you can do this 1x per day each day of the contest-just post each tweet url in a separate comment)
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* stumble this post with a review and link it here in separate comment

The winner will be chosen on Monday, March 23rd at 10:00pm. Good Luck!!

Contest for Your Jr. Chef

PhotobucketThe Jr. Chefs of America is a cool website aimed at encouraging good nutrition in kids through cooking. My boys love to cook and they each have one night a week that they are in charge of cooking dinner. I am encouraging both of them to enter this contest. If they do, I’ll post the videos here for you to see.

Jr. Chefs of America vision to inspire a new generation of smart eaters and build parents’ confidence about their children’s’ skills in the kitchen. Featuring original webisodes, this new website is all about kids teaching kids the joy of cooking. According to Connie Liakos Evers, MS, RD, author of How to Teach Nutrition to Kids, “More than 75% of children ages 6-11 do not eat the minimum of 3 servings of vegetables or 2 servings of fruit daily.”

Jr. Chefs of America realizes that the earlier a child can learn the importance of good nutrition and portion control, the more eager and knowledgeable they will be regarding eating healthy. In the site’s original webisodes, kids are teaching their young audiences about kitchen safety, cooking healthy, and responsible meal possibilities. Using easy-to-follow instructions, Jr. Chefs of America even contains kid-friendly recipes for kids to try using the website’s safe, one-on-one environment.

“Obese children and adolescents are more likely to become obese as adults,” from  the New England Journal of Medicine. With childhood obesity reaching epic numbers, it is important for kids to learn the guidelines of healthy eating.  Instead of being pressured by their parents, this website brings the information to them by their peers.

Currently, Jr. Chefs of America is looking for more chefs to join their team.  Check out the details of the Webisode Cooking Contest:
–       Open to kids 10 – 18 years old
–       Deadline entry – April 17, 2009
–       Winners announced – May 11, 2009
–       Prizes are worth over $500

If your child enters this contest please share their videos with us!