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The Berenstain Bears Go On Vacation

The Berenstain Bears is one of the most beloved children’s book series. With over 300 books plus television shows and computer software this bear family has been a staple in American homes for 40 years. The stories are written by husband and wife team Stan and Jan Berenstain, often about things happening in their own home as they raised sons Leo and Mike.

This week on the Barnes and Noble Book Files they pay tribute to the book “The Berenstain Bears Go on Vacation” and share about how the story is based on family trips to the Jersey Shore. You can see the video here.

With over 300 books, I am sure everyone has their favorite. Mine is “The Berenstain Bears and The Trouble With Chores”. Leave me a comment and let me know what your favorite Berenstain Bears book is.

Preacher Creature Book Review and Giveaway

Mike Thaler has written more than 200 books for children, including Scholastic’s bestselling “Black Lagoon” series, which introduced “monster teacher” Mrs Green in The Teacher from the Black Lagoon 20 years ago.

Mike is also the creator of “The Letterman” from PBS’ longtime educational show “Electric Company”. Mr Thaler is known as “America’s Riddle King” and travels to classrooms worldwide helping children and teachers create their own stories riddles and books.

Eleven years ago, at age 60, Thaler devoted his life to Jesus Christ and he says, “life has gone from black and white to glorious Technicolor.” Today he uses his imaginative storytelling and passion for Christ in his new series “Tales from the Back Pew”. He says it’s “Black Lagoon goes to church.” These books are published by ZonderKids and are for ages 6-9.

I have read one book in the series, Preacher Creature Strikes on Sunday, and I have shared it with a few children of varying ages. This is a great book for kids who have never been to church or who are maybe moving to a new church. Thaler does a good job of expressing a child’s fear of the unknown and what the child may have heard about church.

There are very long songs with a thousand verses, and just when you think you’re done, they go back to the beginning and start all over again. And you have to stand the whole time. It’s sort of like the Pledge of Allegiance…only longer. And then, instead of paying you for singing, they collect money.

Of course in the end the child enjoys church and can’t wait to go back next Sunday. The illustrations in the books are beautiful and imaginative. Jared Lee is the illustrator and he has worked with Thaler for over 30 years.This would be a great book for a child new to a Protestant, main stream denominational church setting, similar to what I grew up in. The children I know and shared this book with come from either an Assemblies of God or non-denominational/Pentecostal background and they were unable to relate the church experiences in this book. We all enjoyed the way the child in book shared the Old Testament stories of Moses, Noah, and Jonah.

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