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Developmental Games to Play with Baby

Engaging your baby in stimulating experiences encourages brain development and paves the way for successful learning in the future.

Did you know?

* A baby’s brain is 250% more active than that of an adult.
* The networking of the brains’ synapses is nearly complete after the first three years.
* You are your baby’s best toy!

Drawing on extensive brain research, child development expert and best-selling author Jackie Silberg presents . Filled with developmental games, Baby Smarts helps you build your baby’s brain power, one activity at a time!

Recently awarded two prestigious parenting awards, the iParenting Award and the National Parenting Publications Gold Award, Baby Smarts helps you unlock the power of your baby’s brain with simple activities that do not require expensive toys or props.

Try these fun activities with your baby:

Floating Feathers (3-6 month olds)

* Lie down on your back with your baby next to you.
* Throw a brightly colored feather in the air and watch it float gently to the ground.
* This is a very relaxing game, and it challenges babies to follow (track) objects with their eyes. (Note: You can find feathers at art supply stores.)

Under the Blanket (9-12 month olds)

* This game develops your baby’s observation skills, demonstrates the concept of “under,” and enhances your baby’s ability to follow directions.
* Let your baby watch as you hide a small toy under a pillow.
* After you hide the toy, ask her to find it.
* If she does not understand, ask her again and show her that the toy is under the pillow.
* Tell her that you are now going to hide the toy under the blanket.
* Keep hiding the toy in different places that are “under” something.

Author Jackie Silberg, who has an M.S. in child development, is an early childhood advocate and popular keynote speaker. She is the author of 15 books with including Games to Play with Babies and 125 Brain Games for Babies. She lives in Leawood, Kansas.