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Keep Baby’s Skin Hydrated this Summer

With all of the exciting outdoor activities the summer brings, who doesn’t want to enjoy some “fun in the sun” with their children? Unfortunately, it takes a long time for a baby’s delicate skin to fully develop, making it extremely important to keep it protected from the sun’s harmful rays. As little as ten minutes of direct sun exposure can take a toll on a baby’s sensitive skin. In addition to lathering up your little ones with SPF this summer, parents must be sure to keep their baby’s skin hydrated and nourished with essential moisturizing ingredients.

“It is extremely important to keep your baby’s skin hydrated. Unlike mature skin, a baby’s skin absorbs and loses moisture at a faster pace,” says Annette Rubin, a mother and Founder of Belli. “The hot weather and the sun add to the skin’s dehydration which is likely to create dry, chapped and irritated skin causing babies extreme pain and discomfort. The “Nourish Me” Enriched Body Lotion uses the most delicate ingredients to keep the baby’s skin hydrated and soft.”

What is Belli’s “Nourish Me” Enriched Body Lotion? “Nourish Me” Enriched Body Lotion is a pure and gentle hydrating cream which features essential ingredients for new, developing skin. The main ingredient in this product is the essential oil of chamomile which is used to soften, smooth and soothe the skin. (Retail Cost $19.00)

Stroller Suspenders

Stroller Suspenders, the latest “must have” product for moms and babies, is now introducing their new and affordable Stroller Suspenders Basic Series.

All moms and dads want to keep their baby nice and warm under a baby blanket when taking the baby out in their stroller, however without anything securing the blanket to the stroller, it often gets caught in the wheels or falls to the ground.  Stroller Suspenders is an innovative patent pending strap and clip that is designed to secure a baby blanket in a position to cover the stroller for warmth, shade or privacy.

The new affordable series is made using nylon webbing, are sold in pairs and are available in three colors, black, tan and pink.  The Basic Series will have a suggested retail price of $9.99 and will be available in 390 Baby Depot stores nationwide and online at Mom 4 Life specializes in offering unique and useful products that are 100% mom invented with free shipping.

Stroller Suspenders Designer Series is made using cotton webbing with decorative ribbon.  The Designer Series is currently being sold at finer baby boutiques and online at They are sold in pairs and retail for $18.00 each.  They are currently available in six different designs and styles for boys and girls.

Suspenders, manufactured by Omma, will protect both baby and their special blankets.   A recent recipient of The Baby Planners Seal of Approval, the patent pending Stroller Suspenders strap and clip are made in the USA, will not cause damage baby’s blankets, clip on baby’s hands, and they fit with most strollers. Check them out today!

Developmental Games to Play with Baby

Engaging your baby in stimulating experiences encourages brain development and paves the way for successful learning in the future.

Did you know?

* A baby’s brain is 250% more active than that of an adult.
* The networking of the brains’ synapses is nearly complete after the first three years.
* You are your baby’s best toy!

Drawing on extensive brain research, child development expert and best-selling author Jackie Silberg presents . Filled with developmental games, Baby Smarts helps you build your baby’s brain power, one activity at a time!

Recently awarded two prestigious parenting awards, the iParenting Award and the National Parenting Publications Gold Award, Baby Smarts helps you unlock the power of your baby’s brain with simple activities that do not require expensive toys or props.

Try these fun activities with your baby:

Floating Feathers (3-6 month olds)

* Lie down on your back with your baby next to you.
* Throw a brightly colored feather in the air and watch it float gently to the ground.
* This is a very relaxing game, and it challenges babies to follow (track) objects with their eyes. (Note: You can find feathers at art supply stores.)

Under the Blanket (9-12 month olds)

* This game develops your baby’s observation skills, demonstrates the concept of “under,” and enhances your baby’s ability to follow directions.
* Let your baby watch as you hide a small toy under a pillow.
* After you hide the toy, ask her to find it.
* If she does not understand, ask her again and show her that the toy is under the pillow.
* Tell her that you are now going to hide the toy under the blanket.
* Keep hiding the toy in different places that are “under” something.

Author Jackie Silberg, who has an M.S. in child development, is an early childhood advocate and popular keynote speaker. She is the author of 15 books with including Games to Play with Babies and 125 Brain Games for Babies. She lives in Leawood, Kansas.

Soothing New Diaper Rash Ointment

Diaper rash is hard on babies, and treating it has been hard on moms and dads with ointments that are messy, greasy, and stain clothing. Lansinoh Laboratories, Inc., one of the world’s most popular brands among breastfeeding mothers, has introduced Lansinoh® Diaper Rash Ointment. This exclusive new formulation, which includes Lansinoh’s world-renowned HPA® Lanolin, treats diaper rash gently and effectively, yet goes on white, rubs in clear, and washes right off parents’ hands. To celebrate launch of its new product, Lansinoh is offering a coupon for $2.00 off at using the code LANSINOH2.

Lansinoh Diaper Rash Ointment contains a blend of three special ingredients that work together to soothe, treat, and prevent diaper rash. These include Lansinoh HPA Lanolin, an ultra pure, medical-grade lanolin that forms a protective barrier to help seal out irritating wetness and promote natural healing on baby’s bottom. This is the same single ingredient in Lansinoh HPA Lanolin nipple treatment, the most popular cream used by nursing mothers to soothe, heal, and protect sore, cracked nipples. It’s the only topical nipple treatment endorsed in the United States by La Leche League International, an organization of mothers dedicated to providing breastfeeding information and support to pregnant and breastfeeding women.

The second active ingredient in Lansinoh Diaper Rash Ointment is microfine zinc oxide, which greatly differs from the zinc oxide found in traditional diaper rash ointments that can be thick and pasty. Lansinoh microfine zinc oxide goes on baby’s bottom white to see where it’s applied, but rubs in clear and doesn’t leave a mess on hands or damage clothing. It also makes the ointment light when applied to the skin, and provides strong, lasting protection. Lastly, Lansinoh Diaper Rash Ointment contains dimethicone, an emollient that allows for superior spreadability, while softening and soothing baby’s delicate skin. Lansinoh Diaper Rash Ointment is also fragrance free and hypoallergenic.

“Lansinoh has a 20-year heritage of creating premium products by mothers, for mothers,” says Jennifer Moyer, Vice President of Marketing at Lansinoh Laboratories, Inc. “We could have introduced a diaper rash ointment that was like the others on the market, but we chose to take the time to develop an ointment that would uphold the same standards of effectiveness, safety, and convenience that are embodied in all of our products, including our nipple treatment, breast pumps, nursing pads, wipes, and other products. Our diaper rash ointment is a true breakthrough for moms and dads, who have told us they want a gentle, effective product that would treat sore bottoms without all the mess. Blending our HPA Lanolin, microfine zinc oxide, and dimethicone has proven to be the answer for a new generation of diaper rash ointment for today’s parents.”

Lansinoh Diaper Rash Ointment is also available at retailers including Walgreens and Babies R Us, and online at,, and For more information about Lansinoh and its product line, visit or call 1-800-292-4794. To redeem the coupon for $2.00 off at, use the code LANSINOH2.


Founded in 1984 by a breastfeeding mother, Lansinoh Laboratories, Inc., Alexandria, Va., is a global leader of premium products by and for breastfeeding mothers. The company’s expanding product line is available in over 25,000 retail stores nationwide. The company is committed to developing new products that support mothers, babies, and personal health through internal product development and selective acquisitions.