Mommy Survey

survey.jpgHere’s all the wonderful useless information that you are dying to know about me!!  Repost this survey with your answers, from one mommy to another.  Have fun!  😉 Continue Reading

Not so Happy Feet

happy-feet.jpgI’m still here!  I’m still here!  I haven’t posted in awhile and I have missed it!  Things have gotten a little crazy here at home between the holiday parties (I would be happy if I didn’t have to play the White Elephant game again…EVER!), finishing up the Christmas details, and oh yeah, the ER visits. Continue Reading

Non-Compliant Patient

male-patient.jpgUhhgg! My husband is driving me nuts!  And I am positive that he would say I am driving HIM nuts!  He ended up having to have a tonsillectomy yesterday afternoon.  We thought he was going in to have one tonsil removed but it ended up that both tonsils AND his adenoids were infected so they all were taken out. Continue Reading

Attack of the Bed-Wetter

clorox.jpgReally there can’t be a whole lot that is worse than the smell of urine in a mattress, right? I just cannot get my husband to get up and use the toilet!!! Just kidding. We had a surprise nighttime visit from my 2-year old last night who ended up not just snuggling the night away in our wonderful king sized bed but also left her mark on our mattress. Continue Reading

Becoming a Praying Parent

praying-parent.jpgI’ve recently gone back to a book that I read years ago by Stormie Omartian called The Power of a Praying Parent. I pray for my children daily but flipping through this book reminded me of the power and significance of what those prayers really mean. Some of you who are like myself sometimes get caught in the habit of the quick prayer that sounds like this, “Protect my child today and please let him/her obey and not give me a headache. Amen.” I would dare say that this is better than nothing but if we really took the time and realized how important it is that our children are covered in prayer I think our lives would go a little smoother and theirs as well. Think about it, we as moms might be the ONLY people praying for our children. Continue Reading

Christmas Gift Ideas

shopping-mommy.jpgAre you still searching for that perfect gift?  Have you already shopped until you dropped and don’t feel like fighting the crowds anymore?  I have found a few great gift ideas that you don’t even have to leave your house to get. Continue Reading

Married to an Old Man

old-man-birthday.jpgOk, I guess my husband isn’t that old but he is turning 30 this Friday and that is quite a milestone.  I don’t know, there’s just something about leaving the 20’s decade behind.  He is being a good sport about it but I know it is a little upsetting for him.

Continue Reading

Countdown to Christmas

gift_giving_girl150.jpgHow many days until Christmas?  I bet if you have kids, especially school aged, you could tell me without even looking at the calendar.  This is actually the first year that I finished most of my shopping before Thanksgiving! Continue Reading

Have You Laughed Today?

funny-face.jpgMy daughter cracks me up. She fell down and got carpet-burn on her chin (thats not the funny part.) I was getting some food out of the fridge and got out a piece of cheese for her because she loves that snack. I handed it to her and told her that it would make her feel better. She took it and stuck it on her chin and said, “Thanks Mom, it does make me feel better.” She’s still running around downstairs so hopefully by now she has figured out it was meant to be a snack and not a band-aid. (:

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