Summer Memories Video Contest

SanDISK WANTS YOU to capture summer on your mobile phone

Shoot a 60-second video of the sights and sounds that make your summer buzz and post it at for a chance to win cash and prizes each week.

SanDisk Corporation, the global leader in flash memory cards, is holding the SanDisk® 60-Second Summer Mobile Phone Video Contest. SanDisk reminds consumers that your phone isn’t just a phone, it’s a video camera, and it’s the memory that you put in it that makes life unforgettable. More video. More pictures. More songs. You’ll get more of life’s greatest moments with a bigger memory card from SanDisk.


  • One $5,000 Grand Prize Winner will be announced at the end of the contest.
  • Five $1,000 Weekly Prizes go to each week’s best entry
  • Top 25 Weekly Finalists each win a SanDisk mobile memory card, MobileMate™ Micro  Reader, and t-shirt

Anyone eligible can enter*. Just grab your video capable mobile phone** and shoot a video of the sights and sounds that make your summer buzz. An ideal summer afternoon. Your hometown. Vacation spots. Whatever! Make it 60 seconds or less and submit as many times as you wish.

You have until Aug 10 to submit video for the contest. A winning video selection will be judged each week. There is no limit to the number of times any individual can enter, though they cannot re-submit the same video in the same and/or following weeks during the contest period.Entries can be submitted at

The winning videos will be showcased on SanDisk’s YouTube channel and will be available for downloading at

Blog Hop ’09

I am NOT at Blogher in Chicago 🙁 I am here in Florida wishing I was in Chicago. But I am also having fun with Blog Hop ’09. If you want to join us just click on the badge above and it will take you to party central.

A little about me…I am a happily married Christian homeschooling mom who enjoys blogging, reading and playing games. I love all things Disney. I enjoy watching baseball, football and NASCAR with my family. Here at Mommy Babble I often share cool products, recall and safety information, recipes and giveaways.
I also write at my personal blog Our Journey, my parenting blog The Mom Maven, and Mom Maven”s Memos at Everything Mom where I am a Mom Influencer.

Please leave me a comment and let me know you stopped by. I’ll be trying to visit everyone who comments during the course of the weekend.

Creative Contest Honors Childhood

I know that Mommy Babble readers are VERY creative. I would love to see one of you win this AMAZING prize.

BabyCenter has teamed up with Threadless Tees to launch a contest honoring childhood! Wonder, joy and messy mud pies. Design a tee shirt inspired by the fascinating journey of childhood – using your own memories as well as new ones you’ve made with your kids.

The artist whose design is chosen for print receives the awesome items listed below (in addition to $2,500 in cash and gift certificates!). The chosen design will be printed on tees for both kids and adults, so the entire family can coordinate in coolness!

It’s super easy to participate, click here to become a member of The contest runs from July 20th- August 20th.

Up for Grabs!

  • A 4 GB designable Flip minoHDcam!
  • A $100 gift certificate for!
  • A 2-year Flickr Pro account!
  • A 5-pack of Kolo Capriphoto albums!
  • $500 Threadless Gift Certificate (can be redeemed for $200 cash)
  • $2,000 in cash!

Loves Promotion Guidelines

  • The design(s) to be printed will be chosen by the Judges within 45 days after the submission close date.
  • Use the submission form by selecting Participate -> Submit Ideas from the menu or click the link below to submit.
  • All submissions will also be eligible to be printed as a regular Threadless tee.
  • The submission must not be a design that has already been submitted to Threadless.
  • You may only submit up to three designs during the duration of the promotion.

Enter Submissions HERE

Car Seat Recalls

Recently there has been a rash of car seat recalls. Please check your child’s car seat and make sure it isn’t involved in these new recalls.

  • Triple Play Products, LLC has recalled some of their Sit’N’Stroll child restraint systems because the harness webbing used to adjust the straps failed to meet the breaking strength requirements mandated by the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards.
  • BabyRide Infant Child Restraint Systems, model 374199, manufactured by Team-Tex America Inc. is being recalled due to mislabeling the ‘horizontal reference line’. Incorrect positioning could result in injury in the event of a collision.
  • Signo and Como Child Restraing Systems that were manufactured from November 1st, 2007 through February 16, 2009 are being recalled by Recaro North America, Inc. A mechanical spring was made too large, which can cause the front adjuster straps to slip, preventing the harness from being securely fastened.
  • Peg Perego Primo Viaggo Sip 30/30 child restraint systems that were manufactured between July 1st, 2007 and March 14th, 2008, may have a sharp edge exposed on the mold flash toward the bottom of the seat. This could cause bruising, cuts or scratches on the child’s feet and/or legs.
  • Several models of the Frontier Child Restraint System manufactured by Britax are being recalled. Apparently, if the straps on the harness are loosened one at a time, there is a risk of the straps becoming detached from the connecting metal yoke on the back of the car seat. In the event of a crash, the child may not be securely restrained.

You can find more information about each of these recalls by clicking the links provided above. For more information on recent and past recalls, or to learn what to do if you own one of the recalled child safety seats, visit

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The Berenstain Bears Go On Vacation

The Berenstain Bears is one of the most beloved children’s book series. With over 300 books plus television shows and computer software this bear family has been a staple in American homes for 40 years. The stories are written by husband and wife team Stan and Jan Berenstain, often about things happening in their own home as they raised sons Leo and Mike.

This week on the Barnes and Noble Book Files they pay tribute to the book “The Berenstain Bears Go on Vacation” and share about how the story is based on family trips to the Jersey Shore. You can see the video here.

With over 300 books, I am sure everyone has their favorite. Mine is “The Berenstain Bears and The Trouble With Chores”. Leave me a comment and let me know what your favorite Berenstain Bears book is.

Keep Baby’s Skin Hydrated this Summer

With all of the exciting outdoor activities the summer brings, who doesn’t want to enjoy some “fun in the sun” with their children? Unfortunately, it takes a long time for a baby’s delicate skin to fully develop, making it extremely important to keep it protected from the sun’s harmful rays. As little as ten minutes of direct sun exposure can take a toll on a baby’s sensitive skin. In addition to lathering up your little ones with SPF this summer, parents must be sure to keep their baby’s skin hydrated and nourished with essential moisturizing ingredients.

“It is extremely important to keep your baby’s skin hydrated. Unlike mature skin, a baby’s skin absorbs and loses moisture at a faster pace,” says Annette Rubin, a mother and Founder of Belli. “The hot weather and the sun add to the skin’s dehydration which is likely to create dry, chapped and irritated skin causing babies extreme pain and discomfort. The “Nourish Me” Enriched Body Lotion uses the most delicate ingredients to keep the baby’s skin hydrated and soft.”

What is Belli’s “Nourish Me” Enriched Body Lotion? “Nourish Me” Enriched Body Lotion is a pure and gentle hydrating cream which features essential ingredients for new, developing skin. The main ingredient in this product is the essential oil of chamomile which is used to soften, smooth and soothe the skin. (Retail Cost $19.00)

Stroller Suspenders

Stroller Suspenders, the latest “must have” product for moms and babies, is now introducing their new and affordable Stroller Suspenders Basic Series.

All moms and dads want to keep their baby nice and warm under a baby blanket when taking the baby out in their stroller, however without anything securing the blanket to the stroller, it often gets caught in the wheels or falls to the ground.  Stroller Suspenders is an innovative patent pending strap and clip that is designed to secure a baby blanket in a position to cover the stroller for warmth, shade or privacy.

The new affordable series is made using nylon webbing, are sold in pairs and are available in three colors, black, tan and pink.  The Basic Series will have a suggested retail price of $9.99 and will be available in 390 Baby Depot stores nationwide and online at Mom 4 Life specializes in offering unique and useful products that are 100% mom invented with free shipping.

Stroller Suspenders Designer Series is made using cotton webbing with decorative ribbon.  The Designer Series is currently being sold at finer baby boutiques and online at They are sold in pairs and retail for $18.00 each.  They are currently available in six different designs and styles for boys and girls.

Suspenders, manufactured by Omma, will protect both baby and their special blankets.   A recent recipient of The Baby Planners Seal of Approval, the patent pending Stroller Suspenders strap and clip are made in the USA, will not cause damage baby’s blankets, clip on baby’s hands, and they fit with most strollers. Check them out today!

SpellQuizzer Software Review

SpellQuizzer is an easy to use software that helps your child learn their weekly spelling list without having to write them over and over again. Yes, I know writing them is a good way to learn spelling words and kids should spend some of their study time every week writing their words, but SpellQuizzer is another tool that families can use to aid in learning.

Each week you input that week’s spelling list and then your child can study his spelling words even when you aren’t available to dictate the words to them. We used it this week for our Bible class. My boys had to know the books of the Bible in order and be able to spell them correctly. I input they words, it just took a few minutes to set up, and then they used SpellQuizzer to practice the words. It worked great!

The SpellQuizzer website has some downloadable spelling lists that you can use over the summer for enrichment or homeschoolers could use them too. Since you create the spelling list in SpellQuizzer, it works with any spelling curriculum.

SpellQuizzer is very affordable at $29.95 and, since it is customizable it will last for years. If you’re still not sure if SpellQuizzer is for you check out their free 30 day trial. This is a great offer-you get to try it before your buy it. Go to the website, download your free trial and check it out.

Win a Wii Fit with Dr Weigh

With childhood obesity reaching an all time high across the country, many parents struggle with how to help their children maintain a healthy weight with proper nutrition.

Dr. Joanna Dolgoff, the official doctor of Camp Shane and a board certified pediatrician, has created Dr. Dolgoff’s Weigh, a traffic-light system that allows kids to learn which foods are healthiest without counting calories.  To spread the word about her site and program, Dr. Weigh, is sponsoring a Wii Fit contest to help you get your family up and moving this summer!
To Enter:

To enter to win the #KidsWeigh Wii Fit contest, check out client testimonials and fabulous Dr. Weigh success stories then fill out this secure contest form telling us which story was your favorite!


Want a chance to speak with Dr. Dolgoff about your nutritional questions and win more prizes?Join her Friday, July 10th at 9 p.m. ET on Twitter for her #KidsWeigh discussion.  Door prizes will be awarded.  To RSVP and for more information go to:Resourceful Mommy

One grand prize winner will receive a Wii Fit. Two runners-up will receive a free one month membership to Dr. Weigh. This contest ends Friday, July 24th at 11:59 a.m. ET. and is brought to you by Momfluence.

5 Tips for a Safe, Clean Summer

More and more families are spending extra time at home because of the economy. According to a recent survey done by Clorox, over 60 percent of the Moms surveyed reported an increase in cleaning around the house as their families now spend more time at home. And, not surprisingly, Moms want to save time and money for all of this extra cleaning. Mom Central got together with the MommyDocs and came up with a list of Five Tips for Summer Staycations to keep your family safe and your house cleaner during the summer months this year.

Staying Safe at BBQs. According to a recent survey, 70 percent of Moms are cooking more at home and many are likely switching up their meal routine with an outdoor BBQ. Make sure your kids have a safe BBQ experience by keeping them away from the flames and any sharp knives. Also, don’t forget to check that your child’s hamburger is fully cooked. Always keep a thermometer on hand to be sure all food has reached the appropriate inside temperature.

Keep the Pool Cool and Clean. If your kids love to spend hot afternoons in kiddie pools, you know the importance of cleaning the pool area. Dump out water after each session, and keep the pool clean by disinfecting it with a solution of ¾ cup bleach* to one gallon of water. Don’t forget to rinse well and dry thoroughly after each cleaning (never leave any water in the pool). Be sure to always supervise children when they are in or around any water. (* Always remember to read and follow precautions and usage directions before using cleaning products)

Staying Healthy and Hydrated.
Spending time in the heat means kids will be more prone to becoming dehydrated. Remind kids to take frequent rest/drink breaks in the shade when playing outside and try to avoid activity during peak sun hours.  Encourage fluids before, during, and after outside activities.

Having Peace of Mind at Playgrounds.
Sometimes just getting out of the house is the best way to keep it clean, but before letting kids loose at the playground, ensure the safety of the equipment. Swing seats and slides can really heat up in the sun – test them out before your kids hop on to avoid burns. Be sure the playground surface is composed of a soft material to help prevent injury. All playground equipment should be routinely checked for any broken or loose parts.  As always, adult supervision is a must at all times!

Saving on Spills.
Spending extra time around the house, especially with kids, often means more spills to clean up. Synthetic sponges and kitchen cloths can start to smell and carry bacteria, but you don’t have to toss them out after a few uses. One option to reduce bacteria is to sanitize sponges and dishrags by soaking them in a bleach solution (¾ cup of bleach* to a gallon of water) for 5 minutes in the sink.  Don’t forget to rinse and dry when done.  A wet sponge can also be microwaved to get rid of bacteria. (* Always remember to read and follow precautions and usage directions before using cleaning products)