Our Fun at Friendly’s

Last week I told you about Free Ice Cream Day at Friendly’s. Today we planned our errands to include a stop at the Friendly’s in Sarasota, FL so that we could be part of Free Ice Cream Day. We were greeted by the store manager when we entered. Friendly’s was very organized for this event. They had special order form pads for the workers where they could check the ice cream flavor, type of cone or bowl and write the customers name on the sheet. Then while you were waiting you could sign up for Friendly’s online BFF club. As the ice cream was scooped the employees came out and called out the person’s name and flavor that was on the order form. the wait was short and of course, well worth it.

Here are some pictures of my family enjoying their ice cream. I ordered Vienna Mocha Chunk, hubby & Jordan got Mint Chocolate Chip and Aaron got Forbidden Chocolate. Yummy!

My Guys

Mom & Dad

Twitter Ice Cream

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