Better Than PB&J

My oldest son is in love with peanut butter. Madly in love in fact. I think the boy could eat a peanut butter sandwhich every day if I let him. Which I’m almost fine with. there’s just one hitch, he wants that with jelly. The occasional smear of jelly is OK, but every day that is just too much sugar and preservatives. We had to find a way to compromise.

Since then we’ve found a great combination that we both can agree on. PB&Fruit. Instead of the sticky sweet jelly I add fruit to his peanut butter sandwhiches, and he loves it. Grapes, apples, bananas, kiwi, and more. Almost anything that I can slice I can put on the peanut butter and it is a hit. It’s a great way to get some fresh fruit in his diet without complaint. And I feel better feeding it to him than the purple sugar of jelly.