Cleaning Bathtub Toys

I used to be grossed out by my sons’ bath toys. Not really the toys themselves, but the ick they seem to create. No matter how well I drained the water from them there was always gunk that formed, especially inside the favorite toys that squirted water. There is nothing like squeezing a toy and having black mold fly out to make your night. Ewwww!

Works For Me WednesdayAt first I would soak them in bleach water, but the thought of using bleach on stuff my kids put in their mouth made me feel just as queazy. Every night I would make an effort to get the water out and hang them to dry in a small bucket with holes in the bottom. But about once a week I would find nasty toys again. Then I learned something interesting: vinegar kills mold. To test the theory I drained the toys then soaked them over night in water and vinegar. It worked like a charm. And without all the harsh fumes and dangerous chemicals lingering around. I don’t even lock the bathroom door anymore when I clean the toys for fear that the cats or kids might try to drink the water. I just squeeze the water out, soak them with hot water and vinegar, then dry them out the next day. Presto, clean and safe toys for bath fun again.

11 thoughts on “Cleaning Bathtub Toys

  1. Great tip! At one time I just threw the whole lot away, the toys were so gross. Then I switched to using recyclable plastic, but it still gets gunky. Thanks!

  2. Great tip!! Vinegar is such an amazing all porpose cleaner. It is also great in the laundry as it whitens, deoderizes, and softens fabric! It’s amazing stuff!!

  3. Who Knew? I periodically toss all the bath toys and buy new ones because I get so grossed out. Do you just pour a few ounces into clean tub water? Thanks!

  4. love this tip. i got rid of all our toys and only let them play with things that can go in the dishwasher. that black stuff was nasty!!

  5. Another thing to try is hanging the toys in a mesh bag (like the ones you can get to wash your delicates). That allows them to dry a little better! Thanks for the vinegar tip – good-bye bleach!

  6. Thanks for the tip! We were just about to toss our toys, too, and this seems like a great alternative to bleach. What are the parts for the solution/how much vinegar to water? Thanks.

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