Cleaning Bathtub Toys

I used to be grossed out by my sons’ bath toys. Not really the toys themselves, but the ick they seem to create. No matter how well I drained the water from them there was always gunk that formed, especially inside the favorite toys that squirted water. There is nothing like squeezing a toy and having black mold fly out to make your night. Ewwww!

Works For Me WednesdayAt first I would soak them in bleach water, but the thought of using bleach on stuff my kids put in their mouth made me feel just as queazy. Every night I would make an effort to get the water out and hang them to dry in a small bucket with holes in the bottom. But about once a week I would find nasty toys again. Then I learned something interesting: vinegar kills mold. To test the theory I drained the toys then soaked them over night in water and vinegar. It worked like a charm. And without all the harsh fumes and dangerous chemicals lingering around. I don’t even lock the bathroom door anymore when I clean the toys for fear that the cats or kids might try to drink the water. I just squeeze the water out, soak them with hot water and vinegar, then dry them out the next day. Presto, clean and safe toys for bath fun again.