Stretching the Grumpies Away

Mornings are not a happy time around here. Neither boy wakes up in a good mood, a trait they have gotten from their mother. We’re a grumpy lot, the three of us. I used to just accept it, that we would be three grumpy bears each and every morning. Sure, there were a few times I would try to change it. Getting up early for some meditation, adding extra protein to our breakfast, starting the morning with a song, whatever advice i could find that week about how to make a happy morning. Nothing helped.

Works For Me Wednesday One morning though, I did stumble upon something that lifted our grumbly moods. It was by complete accident, and a bit of lazyness. It was one of the morning where no one wanted to be up, so we were moping on the couch watching the boob tube. Yes, we were watching the evil talking picture box. Anyway, some silly clown show came on PBS and the boys were engrossed. Coincidentally the girl clown was feeling grumpy too, complaining about everything and frowning. Her doll suggested she go take a stretch and after she did she felt happy and full of joy. So I thought “It couldn’t hurt”, flipped off the TV, and began stretching. Soon we were all trees, then rocks, then cats, then cows, and the giggling was flowing. After a good stretch we were all in a better mood and ready to tackle the day.

I won’t lie and say stretching cured it all. We still wake up growling and generaly stay that way until we’re awake enough to get in position. But once we start stretching out muscles everyone gets into a magically happy mood. No matter the weather, the time of day, or whether we’re still in our pajamas a good stretch is enough to make me and my boys happy happy happy.

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