Try It This Weekend- Puppet Fun

I didn’t get the Try It This Weekend post out last Friday. I apologise for that. Hopefully I can make it up to everyone by posting something that everyone will want to rush out and do this weekend with their kids. Or at least something that you will think about doing this weekend with your kids. As always feel free to add your own link at the bottom. If you ahve a great post on something fun to do with kids you want to share or if you tried out my idea and wrote about it in your own blog just add your name and a link to the post down there in Mr. Linky for everyone to enjoy.

This idea was actually inspired by my son’s begging. We celebrated Independence Day at the zoo, which my oldest son would live at if we let him. And trust me, there are days when I think he would fit in perfectly with the monkeys. Back on topic, he is animal obsessed. So from the moment we left the zoo he has not stopped talking about going back and begging to go back. Unfortunately we live quite away from any local zoos and just can’t afford to drive back and forth. Then I got a crazy idea – if we can’t go to the animals why not bring the animals to us? A quick search online and a bit of digging through my scrap material pile and we are ready for animal puppet theater!

Making animal puppets can be simple. Paper bags with ears and eyes glued on, old socks decorated up, or even just using stuffed animals and a little imagination. The ideas for making puppets is endless. You can also make your own kids’ puppet theater to use your puppets with. Even if you have older children you can make interesting puppets. You could have your child try their hand at making a Ballerina Marionette or sew together a simple hand puppet. You could even try your hand at making really big puppets.

Puppets can be fun for adults too. Who says the kids have to have all the fun? Teens can even get in the action, and maybe promote a positive message.

So this is your Try It This Weekend idea, go out and make some fun puppets and put on a play with your kids. Who knows, it might become something you love to do every weekend!

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