Shopping for a new baby

New parents are never really certain about what they will need. If you go by the glossy magazine layouts and the celebrity spreads you would think you need a few billion things for your new bundle of joy. The stores all have 101 trickets and bobbles to sell expecting parents for their coming babes. With all the stuff to buy the price tag can add up quickly.

Getting things for free rather than buying them is great for parents-to-be. Over at Baby Talkers they are having a contest to win a Nesting Pillow. There are lots of ways to enter the contest, including commenting on the post or blogging about it on your own blog. Check out the contest and see all the ways you can get entries in. The contest goes until July 21.

Not sure if you need a nesting pillow? Littlemummy shared her Pregnancy & Newborn Inventory: What I ACTUALLY Needed. If you have anything that you would like to add to the list leave her a comment and share what it is and why. Personally her list was way too long for me. All we needed for the first 3 months was a couple dozen diapers, a handful of onsies (it was June), a carseat, and a good sling. There is actually a great article here, How to Prepare for a New Baby Without Spending a Lot of Money, that is full of great ideas on having a baby without buying all the gadgets and stuff.