Having a garage sale with kids

Garage sales, thrift stores, flea markets. Whatever your preference it is that time of the year again. Many families spend the warm weekends going to and hosting their own secondhand sales. You can make some extra money, clear out things you no longre want, and even help your kids increase their money skills. Getting Kids Involved In Garage/Yard Sales can be fun for the whole family. Kids can gather old toys and clothes, put price tags on, or even sell sodas and snacks. If you have a booth at the flea market you could sell homemade treats, which is certain to have more people stopping by your booth.

There are lots of tips for having a family garage sale. Mommy savers has some great Garage Sale Tips. And there is a great Yard Sale Checklist at Get Rich Slowly that I love. There is even more great tips over at YardSaleQueen. I know that I’m going to be looking back over these lists again and again. I’ve got a couple boxes of old toys and clothes that my sons have out grown justing sitting in the garage. Not to mention that old lamp and I don’t have room for anymore, the chair that I never really was fond of, and a few dozen old box fans that we don’t need anymore.

And what do I plan to do with the money I make from my garage sale? Why, go garage saling at other people’s houses of course!

Garage sale