Dr. Mom Back on Duty

dr-mom.jpgI really hate to write about sickness again but when it is in my face all day I can’t seem to come up with a better topic.  This time I’ve been playing doctor to my sick husband.  He came down with strep last week and the infection developed into an abscess on his tonsil.  Um, yuck.  I got to hold his hand at the doctor this evening while he got it punctured and drained.  Really yuck.  Now we have to wait until tomorrow to see if the procedure did the trick or if he will have to have a tonsillectomy.

While we were at the ear, nose, and throat doctor my poor sick hubby also had to get his ears cleaned out.  Don’t worry, I won’t go into the graphic details of that but I did find out a very interesting fact.  Did you know that one of the main reasons for earwax build-up is from using Q-tips?  Apparently cleaning your ears with Q-tips just lodges the wax deeper into your ear canal. 

Ok, enough of my exciting day.  Right now my two girls and their daddy are all snuggled together in my 5-year old’s bed asleep.  They all had strawberry milkshakes for Daddy’s sore throat and for Lilly and Lucy’s sympathy pains and then all got tucked in together.  I have gone from having 2 kids to having 3 until Daddy gets better I guess.

And on a lighter note, regarding my post about my kindergartner wanting an Ipod, I found something great!  There are MP3 players made just for kids by Fisher Price and by Disney that are much more durable and kid-friendly.  Check them out!