Too Many Different Personalities for One House?

hpim0566.JPGIs your house packed full of different personality types?  Mine is.  Growing up I always envisioned having sweet little kids all with calm and gentle personalities like my own.  I pictured us all liking the same things, acting the same way, and living a low-key, quiet kind of life.  WRONG! I was instantly pulled into reality starting the minute my first child was born.  Not only did she refuse to turn head down in my belly resulting in a C-section for me, but the very first thing she did when she entered this world was poop all over the poor doctor.  This probably should have been my first clue that my sweet, beautiful, non-cooperative baby was not going to be exactly like me.

Lilly is now five and she still enjoys doing things her own way.  She is very loud, gets energized by being with lots of people, and really seems to be a born leader.  Her 2-year old sister on the other hand is for the most part laid back, shy, and very compliant.

With all that said, here are a couple ways I am learning to be a better parent to these wonderful but different personalities:

  1. All siblings have different personalities, learning styles, and temperaments.  It’s important to keep this in mind when choosing how to communicate, discipline, and teach your children.  They are not all going to respond to the same thing the same way.  If you have a few minutes and want to get an idea of what your child’s personality type is take this personality quiz.

  2. Stop trying to make your children be just like you.  They were created to be exactly who they are for a purpose.  Nurture their uniqueness and let it be ok if they grow up and don’t want to be a soccer player. (That sentence was for my husband :).  Let your daughter wear those completely ugly and tacky, huge clip-on earrings to her Thanksgiving play at school even though she might look a little odd in front of the other parents. (That sentence was for me:).

Even though it can be quite challenging at times, I am learning to appreciate the differences throughout my family.