Ipods for Kindergarteners?

images.jpgChristmas trees are up in the department stores and the holiday music has started playing. Is it that time of year already? I feel like as my kids get older, the year gets shorter! This year my 5-year old is being VERY particular about what she wants.

We have been getting all the fun Christmas catalogs in the mail and I let her look through them and circle the things that she wants to put on her Christmas list this year. So far out of about 5 magazines she has circled absolutely anything and everything to do with horses, and an Ipod.

Believe me there is nothing I want more than to let her download her Strawberry Shortcake, Wiggles, Raffi, and Veggie Tales music onto one little machine and give her some headphones. Just the thought of not having to listen to that stuff for one whole day instantly takes my headache away. But does a 5-year old need an Ipod? Seriously what is she going to ask for next year? A laptop?

So I’m looking into maybe a Nano or Shuffle. Hopefully I can get a used one on Ebay. If not, I guess just sticking with all the horse toys would still make for a good Christmas. ๐Ÿ™‚