Help for Busy Mommies – 5 Ways to Help Balance Your Day

mommy-needs-coffee.jpgIs it possible to manage a home, raise young kids, work full-time (for some) and still have anytime left for you?? I’m trying to find a way to do just that. I only work a few hours a week outside the home, I have a daughter in Kindergarten, a 2-year old at home with me, and a big house that never ever seems entirely clean. I know I’m not the only one in this boat.

Here are a some ways that help me balance my time and also bring a little peace to the chaos that comes with being a mommy.

  1. Top priority for me as a Christian is to spend some time with the only One who can truely bring me peace. A quick devotional in the morning with my coffee while the kids are eating their breakfast really starts me off in the right frame of mind. My favorite christian writer is Beth Moore and her devotionals are always amazing. You can also check out a blogger I found who shares devotionals on her blog.
  2. For more order with your household duties you HAVE TO check out Fly Lady. My friend introduced me to this site a couple years ago and it is very helpful. You can use it to plan your meals, grocery lists, learn fast ways to clean your house, and even find fun holiday traditions to start.
  3. Start a “kid swap!” If you have close friends with little ones around the same ages as yours, just trade them for a day. A friend and I both have one child in school and one at home. She takes my 2-year old on Mondays and I get her 2-year on Thursdays while the bigger kids are at school. It really is a nice break and our kids love having play days!
  4. Make sure you have a support system. This is so important. We were never meant to do all this on our own. We as women need our friends and community to HELP us! If you don’t have a church family there are many other organizations to get involved in for help, support, and even friendship. One great one that I’m involved in is M.O.P.S. They are all over the country. Find one close to you and jump in!
  5. Lastly, do something for YOU. Make sure you adjust your schedule each day to squeeze in some personal time. That means NO KIDS. Put them down for naps, let them have some quiet time with books, or whatever seems to work with your kids. Read a good book, chat on the phone with some friends, post a new blog ;). Even if it’s only 20 minutes, when it’s over you will be recharged and ready to get back to being mommy.

Those are just some of many helpful ways to have a more balanced day. What are some of your helpful hints? I’d love to know!